About Us

Trueastrology.org has mission to bring scientific approach & uniformity in astrological predictions , remove ambiguity for the betterment of large interest of people.

About Astro consultant

An IT consultant in large MNC by profession and an astrologer by passion .. B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication)

Nearly 20 years back, after getting several contradictory predictions by astrologers in his own chart , he himself started studying various concepts of astrological prediction with the focus to know science behind it . whether it possible to improve one's life by using astral remedies ?

In last 20 years , He had Studied several books and online materials based on Vedic astrology , western astrology , Lal kitab , KP system , tradition astrology , Astavarga system , Ramans system , system approach etc , Learned about different methods of predictions used by famous astrologers , Analyzed on-line content available on different astrological websites and checked various astrological software available in market for their correctness.

studied about various myth of astrology like Mangal dosha, Shani shadesati, gun milan system before marriage, kal sharp dosha etc.. Met several astrologers to understand their way of analysis and techniques and attended various astrology conferences . Member of astrological Institutions like IIPA etc.

He also studied about effectiveness of different remedial methods like gems therapy , color therapy , Rudraksha etc. in last 20 years

He is available on one to one consultancy basic dependent upon availability .


Disclaimer !!! The analysis of birth chart and remedies provided based on trust ,faith and knowledge acquired by studying various books on Indian Vedic astrology . modern scientific proof may not available for various concepts and remedies ...