Apart from Earth , the other planets are Mercury , Venus ,Mars ,Jupiter , Saturn and some new discovered planets . Each planet in our solar system has its own unique behaviour . Let us take rotation rate. Tiny Mercury, rotating closest to the Sun, takes 59 Earth days to turn around just once. Venus, the second planet from the Sun, rotates once every 243 Earth days. And , Venus rotates backwards from the direction of its orbit around the Sun. We live on surface of planet earth, the third planet from the Sun, which rotates in on its own axis in 24 hours. It also revolves around sun in 365 days. Here is a rough calculation of what speed we travel on Earth. Just try to estimate , on what speed we are traveling on our solar system , along with Earth !!!

Earth radius is roughly 6500 Km, so its diameter is 2x pi x r = 2x3x6500 = 40000 Km approximately. Hence, we travel 40000 km in 24 hours. It is around 2700 km per hour, which is double the speed of any normal plane. Let us calculate our speed due to earth due to revolution around sun. The distance between the Earth and the Sun is around 150 Million KM. So 2*pi*r = 2*3*150Mkm in 365 days. It is around 10000 km per hour. With these speed , you can imagine, what would be the power of human , in front of planets …..the effects of planet movement is very high one human.

Now let us think about what type of relation Human being keep with other planets? When human being born on earth , it born with a unique Planet print like every individual has different finger print . When I say Planet print , it means, with respect to the place and the time of birth of a person on earth , in the plane of planet movement of 360 degree in our solar system ,each planet may have their own degree of placement. Some planet may be at 40 degree , some may be 150 degree , some may be 330 degree . Due to placement of different planets at different degree , some planet can give more energy , some planets gives less energy and even some planet can give negative energy to individual.

The effects of the Sun is known to everybody. Without Sun, we cannot even see the world. The sun is responsible for seasonal changes by which we get different seasons like summer, winter, spring etc. It makes also so many hormonal changes in body. Vitamin D is one of that important at part. Effect of moon is also known to world like high tide in sea. Their effect on human minds is also visible. Same way other planets and their movements also effects individuals , however scientists are yet to find modern scientific proof of it, but old Indian scripture has written a lot on it. In today’s lifestyle , when we face very high level of competition everywhere to survive and to grow in day to day life, it becomes important to understand these effects and use it in our favour. Identifying these effects t of planet on individual is very important as it can play a major role in defining composition of body elements Internal and external . Any deficiency due to less energy from any particular planet can come out a lifelong disease or disease at a particular age or a particular behaviour.

Planet Print of an individual is also helpful in understanding their internal behaviour like self-esteem, Analytical brain , sporty mind etc. Whole life is nothing but full of events and reactions to the events and life grow based on our reactions .Our happiness sorrow, emotions, achievements in life, area of interest, decisions, relationship all are affected.

When two individual having similar planet configuration , they may find easy to gel with however some may feel very uneasy with different set of plant print individuals. Every object has a different planet print, every colour has their own planet print.

If we know our planet print of our own self and understand what are the things having similar planet print, when it is similar, it enhances the chance of good happenings. Less strain and stress in life, good emotional intelligence, success in business, good analytical power, enhance decision making, happier relation, good health and longer life.

How do we determine planet print, we use ancient methods along with latest get planet print we require Place of birth (exact coordinates), Date of birth and time of birth.

Disclaimer !!! The analysis of birth chart and remedies provided based on trust ,faith and knowledge acquired by studying various books on Indian Vedic astrology . modern scientific proof may not available for various concepts and remedies ...